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What is the Silatha app?Updated 5 months ago

The Silatha app supports companies in creating an equitable and psychologically safe workplace where everyone feels valued. Silatha does this two-fold:

1. By creating support groups for the women, in which they are assisted with peer-to-peer support, access to experts, coaching, and mindfulness tools. 

2. Educating and knowledge sharing with the entire company to create awareness across all employees around taboo topics. 

The Silatha app provides a shared communication platform focused on group and 1-on-1 conversations on taboo topics concerning women's health. It also has helpful a Meditation Course that is an easy guided meditation practice and takes only 15 to 20 minutes a day. You will receive the course audio through an app on behalf of your employer. Here you will have an opportunity to create your account in the app. You may sign up with your real name or your 'avatar name'. Start your journey whenever you want, starting with day one! 

At any point, you are welcome to revisit the meditations, pick any meditation you particularly like, or continue your practice.

The app also contains silent meditations that are a great way to reconnect to your true self. Through the meditations, the app teaches you all the basics to start your silent meditation practice. Silent practice means that you start with the ritual and you end with the ritual, and in between there is silence. The gong at the beginning and the end notify you when to get started and when to stop. You decide yourself the length of your meditation.  

Here you can find articles to learn how to use the Silatha App.

Supported Platform Versions for the Silatha app :

App Store: We currently support iOS 13 and above.

Play Store: We currently support Android Version 7 Nougat and above.

You can install the Silatha App by following the method of your choice below :

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